Our Safety Process

Understand exactly where to invest


The process always starts with using advanced data analytics to pick the best locations. Based on prices, growth, affordability, occupancy rates, crime and overall ROI.

Source the best developments

Not just a city, but a specific area of a city. Make sure the development is run by an experienced developer who has a long track record (ideally over 10 years) and have a strong financial structure.


112 Point Due Diligence Check


We check and get reports on over 112 check points for every property. In addition the property is shared with UK regulated lawyers to cross check again.

Fully funded means lower risk

We work with developments which are funded privately and don't need your money. WHY? Because if its off-plan this reduces/ stops any delays (no need to sell to be able to build).


Ensure mortgages for YOU


We check every development against mortgages for clients in Europe, Africa, Asia and the US. Before we start we check that you will get lending on the property.

Protections for your investment

All our properties have a 'long stop date' meaning if highly delayed you get all your money back. All payments are sent via a lawyer who's insurance add's another layer of protection.


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