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Why we do our due diligence?

committed to sharing this information with clients as we believe that it educates better decision making

You have probably seen many investment opportunities advertised and yet are unsure which ones will deliver the financial returns promised, which will be complete on time, which developers or contractors are reliable, and which you should avoid.

When Baron & Cabot started, we needed to create long-lasting partnerships with everyone we worked with. To this day, we are driven by relationships, whether you are a first-time investor, portfolio buyer, developer, broker, IFA, mortgage advisor, or solicitor.

One of the mechanisms to achieve these long relationships is by creating due diligence documents without emotion, based on a purely factual basis.

While this creates significantly more work for us from the outset, it allows us as a company to separate the partnerships we believe are beneficial to our clients (and therefore to our long-term success) while presenting developers and stakeholders a clear guide as to what processes are they must pass to be able to work with us.

As we know, the vast majority of property investments are safe. Our role as a company is to ensure all our investors are picking not only the best returns but with full clarity that the development or property has been scrutinized to the best of our ability.

Every month as a company, we review our due diligence documents to make it as stringent as possible, which is why I believe it is becoming an industry benchmark.

Ultimately the best developers are happy to share the relevant information needed to compile each due diligence document. It is an opportunity to showcase how well they have been performing over their history.

We are committed to sharing this information with clients as we believe that it educates better decision making, and ultimately more profits, and a higher chance of you returning to make further investments with us.

We are committed to sharing this information with clients as we believe that it educates better decision-making.

The result we want to achieve is our clients having several properties to compare which have passed our due diligence, thus leaving you free to choose properties based on your financial return.

We don’t start from the best financial returns. We begin from due diligence and then decide which have the best returns, meaning we are only comparing developments we believe will work.

Naturally, this benefits you, the client, not only do you have the widest selection if properties from B&C but they all have a huge amount of safety checks (more than you would ever have on your own property), this is why 42% of our investors buy again within 12 months (or refer someone who does).

Our company runs by the motto ‘Confidence through clarity.’ This is with everyone we work with and why we are recognized in the market as the most profitable, but equally with complete integrity.

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Our role is to supply the information you need to make an informed decision

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