How do I get someone to look after the property if I live abroad?

Buy Your perfect UK Investment property

For our international investors, once we have decided UK property is a great place to look after our future money, and we have the perfect property and mortgage set up, the next question is always “how do I look after a property from 3000 miles away?”

As 50% of our clients do not live in England we are built to support you and maintain your asset. Your only decision is how often you want updates from us.

Quite simply we have a management company who looks after your property, credit checks on the tenants, set you up a bank account and make sure all your rental income goes in there.

You will not be getting calls when your tenant is locked out of the property, or when they need a lightbulb replaced, instead our management company will take care of everything.

For us, we need to make sure you have well looked after us through our whole relationship. Managing your property for you means that we only pick the best properties, as we will be dealing with any problems, yet allow us to keep working for you so you continually use us for future investments.

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