How do I pick a property in England? / The secret to always finding the best UK property investments.

Buy Your perfect UK Investment property

While I can’t take you through the full process in a short video there are some key factors that you have to focus on when buying in England. The beauty of England is that it has been growing for 100’s of years, if we threw a dart at the map of England 10 years ago and bought the property it landed on we would most likely have made money.

That said we want to be investing in the very best opportunities and maximizing our returns.

The first three are none negotiables for consistent investors. These are the three things that any successful (and importantly) consistent investor does when they buy any property.

These are investing in areas that have:

  • Under supply and over demand of property buyers,
  • Growing wealth (so the people can afford to pay more rent and bid more for the properties),
  • Lots of mortgage providers are willing to lend there.

In addition to these at Baron & Cabot, we also have access to areas where there will be massive government investment, creating jobs and more wealth, and areas with new transport links which have historically seen prices grow tremendously.

At Baron & Cabot we have staff who work on this data full time, giving us the most researched and accurate target areas for consistent returns.

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