How to invest in areas where the government is investing and why that sky rockets your ROI.

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Much like our previous video on investing near transport links, buying near or in an area of significant government investment will see your investment go incredibly well (so long as you only invest if the area matches the fundamentals of property supply & demand, affordability and mortgage availability).

To understand why we must understand how the government works.

If they want to invest £300 million or £3 billion in an area they need to prove to a lot of people in local and national government that its both worthwhile and create more revenue for the city.

How do they do this? Prove that it will create more jobs and a higher GDP.

Higher output and more jobs, means more affordability, which as we know drives back into the fundamentals. More jobs also mean more demand, another critical factor for growth.

The bigger this investment and more jobs created the more demand, which means the more your property is likely to increase in value and more demand for rentals.

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