We know that the most important thing is that your client is happy and keeps working with you

We started Baron & Cabot initially to work exclusively with IFA’s and Private Wealth managers. We like you saw the frustration in the market with a lack of accurate information and seeing clients being let down.

We know you believe in property, but you don’t know which developers to think of. We know that everyone tells you that their developments are “safe and researched.”

You will have had to have a conversation with a client in the past about a development being late, a down valuation, or rental figures that aren’t quite what had been initially portrayed.

We know you are not in it for the commission, but it helps. 

We know this because we are the same.

This is created in-house and not ‘white labeled’ data, giving you an advantage within the market.

In addition to this, we have ratings on all UK developers using metrics and systems created by our team.

Our back-end process is seamless and can manage clients from lending through to legal’s and property management.

Come and speak to us and initially get a copy of the work we do on each development. Then decide if we are the best team to work with you. We know you are not in it for the commission, but it helps.

Client Introduction

If you are a wealth management company, IFA, independent, or any other profession and want to introduce clients we want to speak to you.

Simply email mark@baroncabot.com or Contact Us and we will share a portal and commissions available.

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