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Longmore House Apartments

Moseley, built for wealthy industrialists and creating rich pickings for savvy investors.

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Studios, 1 & 2 Bedrooms


Ready Q3 2020


  • Potentially the biggest investment opportunity in Birmingham
  • Buy-to-let Mortgages available for all nationalities
  • Boutique development
  • Ready Q3 2020 (September)
  • 5.5% Rental Yields
  • Massive growth from new Train Line and HS2
  • 3 miles from new HS2 to London
  • Low service charge
  • Mature tenants
  • 2 miles from centre of Birmingham
  • Near Cannon Hill Park


Development Overview

The Longmore House itself is being developed by a well-respected local developer who completed our Interchange Development, on time and on spec. This development is equally well finished with similar levels of savings over equivalent buildings in the vicinity.

The large bright, apartments are ideally suited for the local market, by a developer who both lives in the city, and understands better than any the demands of the market.

With Miami style roof terraces and beautiful internals, Longmore House delivers on everything a Birmingham tenant demands, and massive returns to any investor lucky enough to buy here.

Moseley - A highly sought-after area

With the HS2 making Birmingham effectively a suburb of London, smart investors are clamouring for the best buy to let hotspots. The leafy well-connected Moseley, already established with ‘Brummies’ as a wealthy part of the city, with superb schools and trendy professionals. Established in the 19th century, Moseley was a spot where the rich industrialists of Birmingham could build architecturally beautiful property, with views onto their factories in the city, yet away from the smoke.

About Birmingham

Birmingham was named top choice for people leaving London in 2016 (ONS), house prices and affordability of living in the capital generally being the driving force for relocation.

Between December 2016 and March 2017, the biggest surge in workforce jobs in the UK was in the West Midlands, at 65,000, whereas the largest decrease was in the East of England at 36,000 (ONS), more jobs will mean more of a demand for property in the area.

Managerial, professional and technical positions dominate the labour market, accounting for 39% of total employment. Birmingham also has one of the youngest, most highly qualified and most diverse workforces in the UK.

The total number of new jobs created between 2013 and 2025 is projected to be slightly above 29,000, equating to a 5.7% increase. Employment growth is forecast to be much stronger among higher skilled occupations which are expected to see a 13.5% increase by 2025. This will have positive implications for the housing market as these jobs will command higher salaries and thus improve household affordability prospects.

We are in the middle of a massive growth

With the new HS2 line and tram extensions the future is very bright for the area, and with a significant number of professionals coming up from London as business’s move to the city, the demand is increasing year on year.

Unlike other similarly priced areas of Birmingham we don’t have to speculate here though. This is already a hotspot, just slightly under priced. Equally the growth of 60% in property prices over the last 5 years is expected to continue for at least the same amount of time.

Investors here are expecting doubling of property prices, and with HS2 and a new train station to be opened in Moseley.

The new (old) Train Station

Massive news for investors is Moseley train station re-opening. Utterly huge for anyone buying now as historically this can add between 30% and 60% to your property value.

This station is 3 minutes from Longmore House moving your tenants to the city centre and over to the new HS2.

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