What taxes do I need to pay on a UK property purchase?

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When looking at property anywhere in the world knowing taxes are important. That’s why when we build you your own cash flow for each property we discuss, we make sure we cover all the costs.

We also work with some of the best tax advisors in the world who make it all very easy to understand.

Thankfully, UK is very transparent and simple when it comes to property tax.

When you speak to an advisor in Baron & Cabot we will talk you through buying in your name or a limited company.

This will mean that you pay tax on purchasing the property, called ‘Stamp Duty’, and you will pay 19% on your profits, though we can offset a lot of costs to reduce this significantly.

Many clients don’t realise that interest costs on the mortgage, management and running costs and even a salary for yourself can be deducted from this tax payment.

Speaking to one of our advisors will give you the full picture of your taxes on profits.


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