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Based on 74 reviews from our clients on



Based on 74 reviews from our clients on

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Property you can bank on.

Bringing together years of experience, consistently investing in property that is growing above the market average in the UK.

So why do global clients use us and stay with us for future investments?

We make the process transparent and completely simple, from your initial meeting teaching you the fundamentals of property investment, how to be consistently investing on your own, through to sharing the best areas of the UK to look at.

You don’t need to rush as we want you to understand the basics first so that you have full confidence in every investment with us.

Together we will help you with a mortgage, regardless of the country you live in, everything from tax, to tenant management, bank accounts to build warranties we cover for you.

This is the reason that over half of our properties are sold to existing clients or their referrals.

We got you covered

What happens in an online meeting?


Online Meeting 1
  • Introduce our company
  • Teach the fundamentals of property investment
  • Show areas, prices and why to invest
  • Explain which mortgage lenders you can use

Micro Details

Online Meeting 2
  • Sort the best properties
  • Discuss cash flow custom made for you
  • Compare ROI
  • Detailed review of projects
  • Solicitor & Mortgage review


Online Meeting 3
  • Narrowing down the best property
  • Identify and fix your specific challenges
  • Property Reservation
  • Introduce the solicitors
  • Start the mortgage process

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Leaders In UK Property Investments

Property Sourcing

Largest volume of UK investment properties. As we are fully independent we are able to provide you with over 4,000 property investments.

Research Developments

Baron & Cabot only company with a trained UK surveyors and data analysts, meaning you get the highest returns in the safest investments*.

Proven TRUST record

Our previous investments speak for themselves, and so do our clients. Full background check on B&C provided in our first meeting.

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Marketing Insights

Proven Trust Record

Our previous investments speak for themselves, and so do our clients

Making money out of UK property can be very straight forward so long as you have learnt want to look for.

At Baron & Cabot we have a simple strategy and its our data analytics and due diligence which find the best investments within this simple strategy.

Every consistent property investor focus’s on areas that have:

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