What Are Better 1 Beds Or 2 Beds/ 3 Beds?
  • August 22nd, 2022

What Are Better 1 Beds Or 2 Beds/ 3 Beds?

Deciding between the number of bedrooms you should be investing in is another one that is specific to your budget and the specific area we are investing. At this stage, it’s like asking what cars are faster red or blue ones, without context its impossible to answer.

Historically investors only wanted to buy 1-bed apartments as they are so easy to rent out, though this has changed quite a lot over the last 10 years or so.

For example in Birmingham, Manchester and London, 2 beds or even 3 beds have become more popular. Due to the increased costs of rent in these cities, professionals are sharing better quality properties in core city centre rather than getting their own place in lower quality development and further out of the city.

This has meant that in some of these locations a 2 bed can achieve a higher yield than a 1 bed, and are marginally quicker when selling.

Budget is really important here, buying into a better performing city is much more important than having more bedrooms. If you are not sure about this look at the area that you live in and consider how much cheaper a larger property would be in a run-down area. If your starting point is property size and not return on investment your investments will not be consistent.