What Are The Methods Used To Protect Investors In UK?
  • September 10th, 2022

What Are The Methods Used To Protect Investors In UK?

As a company that makes most of our money from repeat investors, and private wealth advisors, it is critical for our continued growth to protect our clients (as well as make you money).

To do that we have to make sure that the proper due diligence is completed on our properties.

One critical aspect of buying property is to use a good conveyancing solicitor who knows the UK well, but also knows how to deal with you. Whatever country you live in, you will have your own intricacies and challenges that some solicitors can work with and some can’t.

Use us to point you in the right direction for a solicitor specifically for you.

Next, you need to have information about the local area where the property is. Forget going and using your gut feeling for this, you need the stats of how many vacant properties there are, how many new properties are being built, what the average growth has been and what it will be.

We want to know the supply and demand and the affordability, not of the city, but of the exact part of the city you are looking at. We will cover each of these points in later videos.

Finally, the building itself, completed or off-plan we need to know who built it and the quality. Like car manufacturers, developers are of varying quality and finish. Sometimes you may choose a lower quality finish for a lower price, other times you may want a slightly higher finish.

Speak to Baron & Cabot about where to learn more about each developer and contractor and also have a good look at properties finished by them before the one you are looking at. How well does it still look now? Does it have a high rental demand and retention?