Which Areas Of England Have The Highest Returns?
  • September 8th, 2022

Which Areas Of England Have The Highest Returns?

Budget plays a big part in what areas we can afford to invest in together, though regardless of that there are some general rules of what areas will do what for an investor.

Before you even consider an area speak to a Baron & Cabot professional. Understanding your needs and mortgage cost is important before you start thinking of areas.

Also, check the video on ‘How do I pick a property in England? / The secret to always finding the best UK property investments’ before you start thinking of locations. https://baroncabotostg.wpengine.com/how-do-i-pick-a-property-in-england-the-secret-to-always-finding-the-best-uk-property-investments/

Some areas for instance around London may give you high returns long term, but the rental yield will be below your costs in years 1 & 2.

Some places like Manchester or Birmingham will grow incredibly quickly, yet, again the whole of the city won’t perform brilliantly, some parts will grow at 7-8% in a year, where others as low as 2%.

Some people who want to spend a little less are better being smart in investing outside of the core city, but on a new transport link that is being built. This means you get higher yields, cheaper property, but also get some serious growth.

Looking at the HS2 build (link below the video), will get you some of the best opportunities in Europe. Don’t just look at the HS2 stations but also the trams and trains which connect to them.

For higher yields, the North tends to be the focus area for investors. But be careful of yields that are high but never grow. They may be good today, but if other areas overtake them for yield return and keep growing they are likely to be the better options.