Who Can Get A Mortgage In The UK?
  • September 10th, 2022

Who Can Get A Mortgage In The UK?

So who can get a mortgage in England? The short answer is really anybody.

The UK has a superb lending set-up, and Baron & Cabot have now built mortgage networks for clients from everywhere. If you are retired or self-employed in West or East Africa, Asia, Europe or anywhere else, we will get you a mortgage, if you have a great job it’s even easier.

Mortgages are very specific to you, however, you should expect a deposit of between 25% and 50% with most being 30% or 35%, and rates from just over a per cent, if you are based in England, through to 3.5% for internationals, up to 6% highest for high-risk individuals in high-risk countries.

Get a free mortgage review by contacting us at Baron & Cabot and one of our mortgage teams will help you out.