Why should I use a broker to buy my property?
  • August 22nd, 2022

Why should I use a broker to buy my property?

It’s relatively straightforward to google properties in England, there are probably tens of thousands in each area of the UK. Using a bad broker is as bad as not using one at all, it makes very little sense in using a poor broker.

With a company like Baron & Cabot, you have to understand why the major funds, financial advisors and most experienced and largest investors in the world use us.

It is unusual for a client to have a data analytics team to source the best stock, a team in England trained in property for due diligence and an economy of scale to purchase at volumes which demand discounts.

We are working in property 24/7 meaning that we are hugely experienced in delivering consistent returns, if we couldn’t we wouldn’t have major investment firms working with us for years, 42% of properties bought by repeat investors and a global network of some of the most experienced staff.

We take a commission but it’s from the discount we get for you, this is why you should always speak to us before you make a decision. Our specialists will give you support and will never try and sell a property in the initial meetings.