Why UK Property?
  • September 10th, 2022

Why UK Property?

A lot of our international clients want to know why everyone is investing in English property. From fist time investors all the way through to the biggest global funds, it seems that everyone is trying to get their money into UK property, but why is this?

For most the answer is simple, a very old market that is built to be very safe, using regulated solicitors for every transaction. This has meant that the UK is voted one of the most transparent places in the world to buy property.

In addition to this, the market is old, and highly governed, meaning every single transaction, every statistic on tenants and average salaries of an area is published. This allows investors to know everything about a property from the comfort of their homes.

The fundamentals of the UK market are some of the best in the world. And later on in the video series, we will teach you this in more detail. However, with a massive undersupply of property, growing wages, mortgages available (regardless of what country you live in), create a perfect storm for rapid property price growth.

In 2021 alone some areas grew at over 10%.

With mortgages available for all of our investors, and with the investor only needing to deposit 30% of the property value, this means that some are getting returns of 30% plus per annum, in one of the most stable markets on the planet.

But don’t just take my word for it, through the coming video series were going to show you how you can check all of this for yourself.